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Foundations Month - $349

Our foundations month starts with 4 one on one or small group sessions where we take you through the foundational movements you need to know before entering regular class.

Each Foundations Member also gets a welcome pack consisting of a T-Shirt, a Sticker, and a Tumbler.
After completing the foundations classes, you can attend an unlimited number of group classes for the rest of the month.

No Obligation Until the 2nd Session


Unlimited Monthly Membership - $195

10 Class Card - $169

No Contracts

*CrossFit Downtown Pricing options are only available to experienced CrossFitters or members who have completed our Foundations Month

Discount Available After Foundations Month

  • Military/Veteran - $15

  • Student/Teacher- $15

  • Police/First Responder - $15

  • Family/Spouse per family member- $15

  • Buddy - $5 per buddy (up to 3 buddies)

  • ACH Payment - $5 
    *Note: class card & drop-in options are not eligible for discounts

  • **Except for ACH and up to 3 buddies, discounts cannot be stacked

Commitment Pricing After Foundations Month

  • 6 Month Commitment: $185 per month

  • 12 Month Commitment: $175 per month

  • Commitment Pricing and the $15 Discount cannot be combined

  • Commitment Pricing and the $5 ACH Discount can be combined

*​This is not a contract, but if you need to cancel prior to the end of your commitment, then you will owe the amount of the  accrued discount. For example, if you sign up for a 12 month commitment, but have to leave after 3 months, you will owe $60 ($20x3= $60).

Paid-In-Full Pricing After Foundations Month

  • 6 Months - $1020 with Credit Card, or $990 with ACH, Check, or Cash

  • 12 Months - $1980 with Credit Card, or $1920 with ACH, Check, or Cash

*Paid-In-Full Payments are final​

CrossFit Foundations Course

Getting Started : All novices to CrossFit are required to undergo on-ramp training. Your first classes are designed to ensure proper understanding of the foundational movements integral to CrossFit training, they will also introduce scaled WODs (workout of the day) to give you a feel for what you will be doing in group classes. These are 1-hour sessions in an individual or small group setting with one of our coaches. In each intro class you go through a warm-up, learn fundamental movements that we use in our workouts and you finish with a short workout using those movements. We structure our program in this manner to ensure our athletes are ready to jump into regular classes with confidence.

You do not have to commit to the Foundations Month until after your second session. This month begins with 4 intro classes in which we teach you the foundational movements you will need to know before attending our regular classes. Ideally, the intro classes are completed in less than 2 weeks.  After completing the intro classes, you can attend an unlimited number of group classes for the rest of the month. If you like your first month with us, you can then sign up for any of our regular memberships.

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