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Mystery WOD Week Begins

This week is Mystery WOD week at CFDA. I will l not post the WOD on the site but rather you will have to wait until you come in for class to see what it is. In order to keep a “fair playing field,” if you will, those of you that come to the earlier classes need to refrain from giving away the workout for the later classes. You had to come in to find out what the wod is, don’t you think they should too?

You should be prepared for anything. Each day you’ll need to bring lifting shoes, wod shoes, gear for rope climbing, deadlifts, etc,.

Why are we doing this? In the early days of CrossFit, this was how it was done. No one knew what they were going to do that day until they got to the box. This is our way of letting you experience that.

Lift Heavy, Run Fast, Have Fun, Be Well


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