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WOD for March 15, 2017

LONG WOD: “10s on 10s on 10s” Alternating EMOMx10 10 HSPUs (Scale with Pike Push-ups) 10 Wallballs (20/14) REST 2:00 Alternating EMOMx10 10 Toes to Bar (Scale with Kipping Knee Raises) 10 KBS (70/53) REST 2:00 Alternating EMOMx10 10 Burpees over Rower 10/8 Calorie Row REST 1:00 400m Run For Time RX+ = “15s on 15s on 15s” *Compare to 5/11/16


Note: The entrance to the gym is located down the sidewalk to the right of the garage. 215B CHESTER AVENUE ATLANTA, GA 30316

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