Name: Davin Quarshie

Years in CrossFit: 4

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Favorite Gymnastics Movement: Pullups

Certificates: Level 1 Certificate


​How did you get into Crossfit?

I got into Crossfit through watching it on ESPN. There were people who were super jacked, super strong and could run -  that is impressive. Then I saw some woman on my Facebook doing it. I thought to myself, “Well if she can do it, anyone could do it.” I was sold; I joined a gym.


​What are some of the benefits you have seen from doing CrossFit?

I have become fitter and made some good friends during my time doing Crossfit.


What do you love most about CrossFit?

The best things about Crossfit are the competitions and the constantly varied workouts. You just don’t really get those aspects in a normal gym setting.


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting CrossFit?

The most important advice I could give to someone starting would be to pay close attention to your form in all of your movements.


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Downtown Atlanta?

My favorite thing about Crossfit Downtown Atlanta is the sense of community – we have a really great group of people who know how to encourage each other.


What are some things you like to do outside of CrossFit?

I am really into football - NFL, NCAA, flag, touch, fantasy - it doesn’t matter. During the season, my weekends are filled with football-related activities.


What’s some advice you’d like to give to our members?

They are far more capable than they probably give themselves credit for being.


What is your favorite food?

Pizza. Let’s go get pizza!


What is your favorite band or musical artist?

Rise Against.


What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a Grizzly Bear.  I feel like we have many similarities.


Where does your passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle come from?

My passion for fitness comes from a love of food and fear of being fat.

Why do you coach, what motivates you to teach?

I coach because I want to help make the gym better and I want to help everyone at CFDA do the best they can. In addition, it gives me an excuse to be at the gym more with an actual purpose.


What is a typical day in the life?

I go to work, go to the gym, shower, eat dinner, watch Netflix, and go to bed. I don’t have a lot going on.


What is the most rewarding part of coaching?

I feel rewarded in the coaching experience when I see someone who has been working hard finally master a skill, or someone tell me that I really helped them understand something.


What is your favorite movement/benchmark workout and why?

My favorite workout is Isabell, because I am the best at it. It is a transparent reason.


What is your most hated movement/benchmark workout and why?

My least favorite movement is ring muscle ups, but I just need to become more fit and put more work into mastering them.


What is something most people don’t know about you or something interesting?

My parents are from Ghana. It’s a weird fact but it plays into personality a fair amount.


What type of music do you like to work out to?

Favorite music to listen while working out to is top 40 pop from 2012-2014.


What is one highlight from your athletic career?

A couple years back I teamed up with the other coaches from out gym and we won our first CrossFit competition, that was a lot of fun.


Where do you spend your time when you aren’t at the gym?

I am at either the gym, work, or my house 80% of the time and on the weekends. It is just somewhat random.