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Our Mission

To be a place where people of any race, gender, belief, ethnicity, and ability, who have the desire to better themselves, can come without fear or judgement. I am a strong believer in CrossFit as a means to accomplish this mission, not only as a fitness ideology, but also for its ability to bring communities together to transform lives in a positive way

We Are Not Just a Gym—We Use Fitness to Build Strong Bodies and Healthy Communities.  Don’t worry about your current fitness level – all workouts are scalable. Even if you can’t do a single pushup, you can do CFDA workouts and quickly build a foundation of strength and cardiovascular fitness. If you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior – tennis player, golfer, or mountain biker — you’ll love the variety we offer as a cross-training option, and you’ll quickly see improvements in your strength and endurance on the court, course or trail. Community is a large part of the CFDA program, and the support and encouragement you get from coaches and other members will keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Starting a CFDA program gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, get stronger, excel at your sport, lose weight, make new friends, boost your self-confidence, and have fun.  Ready to see what it can do for you?


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