We Are Not Just a Gym—We Use Fitness to Build Strong Bodies and Healthy Communities.  Don’t worry about your current fitness level – all CrossFit workouts are scalable. Even if you can’t do a single pushup, you can do CrossFit and quickly build a foundation of strength and cardiovascular fitness. If you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior – tennis player, golfer, or mountain biker — you’ll love the variety CrossFit offers as a cross-training option, and you’ll quickly see improvements in your strength and endurance on the court, course or trail. Community is a large part of the CrossFit program, and the support and encouragement you get from coaches and other members will keep you motivated to reach your goals.

CrossFit isn’t just another gym workout. Starting a CrossFit program gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, get stronger, excel at your sport, lose weight, make new friends, boost your self-confidence, and have fun. It’s not unusual to hear someone say that CrossFit changed their life. Ready to see what it can do for you?


Developed by Greg Glassman, a lifelong athlete and trainer, the CrossFit program aims to build general fitness, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a former couch potato. Combining flexibility and mobility training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and a variety of other fitness modalities, you’ll be challenged every time you walk into the gym to become stronger, more flexible, faster, and more adaptable, no matter what fitness level you started at. Each workout lasts about an hour and is divided into several parts – a dynamic warmup, Olympic lifting or gymnastics skill work, and a timed, high-intensity workout combining Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, sprints, gymnastics and other exercises. During this portion of the WOD, or Workout of the Day, you’ll compete against the clock, yourself and your fellow CrossFitters, and be able to clearly measure your progress with each passing week. Classes finish with targeted mobility work aimed at improving recovery and performance and preventing injury. Class sizes are kept small so that each member gets individualized attention from our certified CrossFit coaches.