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Helen Kynes

CrossFit L2 Trainer | The Gymnastics Course L1 Trainer 

Year Started CrossFit: 2013
Favorite Lift: Squat Snatch

Favorite Gymnastics Movement: Handstand Push Up

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace

How did you get into CrossFit?

  • After being a long-distance runner for years, I wanted to try something new! It was pretty revolutionary to hear of a sport that is also functional fitness. Once I began attending classes regularly, I never looked back! 

What motivates your passion for fitness and healthy living?

  • I'm in it for longevity. I want to be healthy and moving well and CrossFitting even into my 80's and 90's!

What are some of the benefits you have seen from doing CrossFit?

  • The number on the scale always had such power over me from adolescence to adulthood. After I began to CrossFit, and started to gain muscle mass, being strong became a priority over being thin. The number on the scale became meaningless and now I feel like I have a healthy perspective on weight and body image. I am thankful to be passing this healthy perspective onto my three daughters!

Why do you coach, and what motivates you to teach?

  • I coach because I love to help athletes improve their fitness (conditioning and strength) and I love being their biggest cheerleader to help them reach their fitness goals! 

What is your favorite food?

  • Thai and Mexican.

What are some things you like to do outside of CrossFit?

  • I love selling houses, singing, playing piano/guitar/drums, and spending quality time with my husband and three daughters.

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