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Owner | Certified CrossFit L3 Trainer | Burgener L2 Weightlifting Trainer | CrossFit Gymnastics L1 Trainer | CrossFit Masters Trainer | CrossFit Kids Trainer | Adaptive Training Academy Trainer | CrossFit Jump Rope Trainer

Started CrossFit: 2011

Favorite Lift: Power Clean

Favorite Gymnastics Movement: Ring Muscle-Up

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Nate

Michael is an Atlanta native with a lifelong love of fitness and coaching. A self-proclaimed “fat kid” that was active in sports, it was the discovery of wrestling in his early teens that finally whipped Michael into shape. Michael wrestled in high school for Woodward Academy. He went on to wrestle at Purdue University where his collegiate athletic career was cut short due to an injury that made him unable to pass an NCAA physical. Without a working tricep in his left arm, Michael was able to qualify for the Cyprus national freestyle wrestling team by winning both the Cyprus Nationals and World Team trials; representing Cyprus in the World Championships held in Ankara, Turkey in 1999.

Michael returned to Atlanta to complete his education and went on to pursue his professional career as a retail technology consultant. His passion for wrestling continued, but this time through coaching at his high school alma mater for 12 years. Eventually, his road warrior consulting schedule prevented him from coaching, so he turned his attention to long-distance running and marathon training. To Michael, there’s no doubt that it was “destiny” when a running injury and a deal on Groupon led him to CrossFit Downtown Atlanta in 2011 (formerly CrossFit On the Move). Little did he know that stepping into that box would lead to a dramatic change in his life and career.


As a coach, nothing brings Michael more joy than seeing others reach and exceed their fitness goals. Michael evangelizes that the pursuit of health and wellness are always possible, even when one is challenged with physical limitations. Lift heavy. Run fast. Have fun. Be well!

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