Lift Heavy. Run Fast. Have Fun. Be Well.

The City of Atlanta has re-instated its mask mandate. To be in compliance, we have re-instituted our previous mask policy:

- Mask must be worn to enter the gym (we have them available if you forget)
- Mask must be worn everywhere in the gym with the exception of inside your station.
- Inside your station, mask wearing is optional.
- If on the edge of the station, athletes must be face toward the center of their square so that athletes are not breathing on other stations. (Exception is lifting from the rack since we always lift from the rack at the same time making everyone always 12 feet away from each other).
- Coaches will make sure that athletes are always facing the same direction so that airflow is consistent and in the same direction
- If an athlete needs a weight from another station, the athlete needs to alert the coach, and the coach will locate it, and bring it to you.
- Coaches will have mask on as they walk through the gym and coach
- Coach may remove their mask when in a station by themselves, or while maintaining 6ft of social distancing.

This feels like a bit of a gut punch, but we got through this before, and we will get through this again. We have never had anyone get the virus from the gym. I intend to keep that streak alive, while also giving you the best hour of your day.

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