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TERRANCE PARKER: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | CrossFit Kids Trainer

I was introduced to CrossFit in April 2011 after years of following traditional bodybuilding and weightlifting programs with great results but with no real comprehension of the science involved.  Immediately upon committing to CrossFit I was all in and it provided me with the challenge that I needed at that time.  CrossFit not only introduced me to other fitness platforms such as Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Gymnastics but most importantly how to approach my fitness and training from a comprehensive and scientific perspective.  After incorporating clean and purposeful nutrition through the Paleo and Zone Diet concepts I achieved my greatest levels of health and wellness while rediscovering my competitive athletic background.  I earned the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in 2012 and the CrossFit Kids Certificate in 2014 to further my knowledge and to share the great benefits that CrossFit can offer.  My enjoyment comes from being a part of a community that fosters the greatest attributes and athletic potential in a person and CrossFit absolutely does that.

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